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Welcome to Showbiz Tidings! A compilation of entertainment news about celebrities, movies, concerts, fashion, tv shows and ratings!

Come and ride the waves of intrigues about Philippine entertainment and showbiz personalities.

Aside from STAR PROFILES, MOVIE TIDINGS, LIVE PERFORMANCES and TV FEATURES, Showbiz Tidings will feature special columns every now and then.

CELEB LOOK-A-LIKE is a compilation of ordinary people who look similar to local and/or foreign celebrities.

DRESS LIKE A STAR will feature a detailed list of what celebrities wear so you can dress up like a celebrity too!

BLIND WAVES will feature scandalous and shocking news about celebrities, whose identities will be concealed.

We'll feature the latest and hottest showbiz news especially in the Philippines. Email your comments, inquiries, requests and suggestions to ickyg72@gmail.com

Contributors are welcome.


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