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Josh Ivan Morales

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name: Maico Eduria
bday: Nov. 20, 1983
height: 6'0"
weight: 170 lbs.
chest: 39"
waist: 30"
hips: 38"
shoes: 11

After playing the hedonistic Uncle Jonbert in the blockbuster hit 'Ang Lihim ni Antonio'(2008) and posing for Climax 2 as one of the Indie Boys, Josh Ivan Morales (aka Maico Eduria of Calendar Boys) has been out of the limelight for some time.  It has been circulating that he will no longer accept daring roles.  I was really hoping that he would be in the new film of Joselito Altarejos's 'Ang Laro Ng Buhay Ni Juan' even as a policeman.  Let's hope that Ace Ricaforte and Tony Lapena would make this new movie heat up the way Direk Joselito Altarejos made Josh Ivan shine in 'Ang Lihim ni Antonio'.

Josh Ivan is a BS Commerce student and Mr. Univesity title-holder in Liceo de Cagayan in Cagayan de Oro. He has appeared in several films since he became the Weekender in 'Provoq'. In 'Kumpisal'(2007), he played the role of a sculptor who engages into carnal interludes with a religious woman and a fisherman. He was also  in 'Troika'(2007), as one of the boylets in 'Reyna'(2006), as a Paraiso Warrior in 'Resiklo'(2007) and bit roles in the tv series 'Impostora'(2007) and 'Lobo'(2008).

Even before joining the prestigious male model search 'Bodyshots', he has no qualms about bearing it all. His boldest endeavor was 'Manila Exposed' - a xxx movie produced by foreigners for release abroad.

I guess he can no longer top that one. Let's just hope that Josh changes his mind and grace us with his talent once more on the big screen.

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