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Mikey Arroyo Spotted Buying Liquor During Typhoon Ondoy

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A blurred picture of Mikey Arroyo has been circulating in Facebook wall postings. He was spotted at Rustan's Liqour section during the onslaught of typhoon Ondoy. Here's the quote posted with the picture: “Was buying food for keeps… then we saw Mikey Arroyo in Rustans Liquor Section asking the salesman for a brand of hard alcoholic drink. Effin Crazy! Just a few kilometers away from Katipunan, people are needing help for search and rescue, and there he was buying bottles of alcohol. See for yourself and tell me what you think.”

Mikey Arroyo is the son of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the congressman of Pampanga. He's also an actor with 13 movies to his name which includes 'Sablay ka na... pasaway ka pa' (2005) as Eric, 'Masamang ugat' (2003) as Angelo, 'A.B. normal college (Todo na 'yan, kulang pa 'yun)' (2003) as Miguel, 'Walang iba kundi ikaw' (2002) as Simon, 'Di kita ma-reach' (2001) as Ben, 'Mahal kita... Kahit sino ka pa!'(2001) as Lt. Bernardo, 'Super Idol' (2001) as Alfred, 'Mahal kita, walang iwanan' (2000) as Office Manager/Interviewer, 'Di ko kayang tanggapin' (2000) as Wax, 'Largado, ibabalik kita sa pinanggalingan mo!' (1999), 'Ang Boyfriend kong pari' (1999), 'Ang maton at ang showgirl' (1998), 'Tapatan ng tapang' (1997) as himself.

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