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Carlo Aquino on Midnight DJ

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Carlo Aquino does a first in his career by playing a very unique role on TV5’s top-rating show Midnight DJ. Carlo showcases his acting versatility by portraying one of the most famous mythical creatures in Filipino folklore, that of a “Manananggal” in the episode of the same title. The episode will be aired this Saturday at 8:00 PM, with co-guest stars Yayo Aguila and Michelle Gallaga.

A quiet university is disturbed when a mysterious night creature prowls on unsuspecting school staff and students. The whole school is horrified, and the university dean, Ms. Gatdula (played by Yayo Aguila) wants answers that only Ramon Ibarra (played by Carlo Aquino) and his mother (played by Michelle Gallaga) know. Of course, only the whole Midnight DJ team led by Samboy, played by Oyo Sotto, can puzzle out the mysteries of the campus "manananggal."

Witness how Carlo Aquino brings to life this creature and find out how Samboy, Andrea (Desiree del Valle), Trixie (Jenny Miller), Bodjie (Joaqui Tupas), and QT (Meg Imperial) will solve the supernatural disturbances within the university in Midnight DJ this Saturday, 8 p.m., right after the number one Talent Show on free-TV, Talentadong Pinoy, only on TV5.


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