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Is Willie Revillame A Good Guy?

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After earning the ire of most Filipino for requesting not to air the cortege of former President Cory Aquino simultaneously with 'Wowowee', Willie Revillame is facing another charge filed at the MTRCB by Arlene de Guzman-Ronquillo, wife of Willie’s friend, Raymond Ronquillo.

Because of this, Willie took all his personal belongings in his dressing room. Willie refused to talk to ABS-CBN executives, which they reportedly only take in stride noting that 'Wowowee', the noontime show hosted by Willie Revillame even garnered high ratings without him.

Arlene de Guzman-Ronquillo filed the complaint at the MTRCB stating that Willie's jokes on air caused her marriage to fail and also caused embarrassment to her children who refused to go to school after being teased about the jokes Willie Revillame made.

Willie has been teasing his friend Raymond Ronquillo on air since October 2008. Making nonchalant remarks about Raymond being single and available.

Since Arlene's children constantly watched 'Wowowee', Arlene texted her husband Raymond to ask Willie to stop making such remarks on air. But this came to no avail because on July 18, 2009 Willie made these comments on air: “Nandito yung mga kaibigan ko na iniwan ang kani-kanilang asawa dahil sa babae!” and the video inten­tionally focused on Mr. Raymond Ronquillo and two other male friends.

Then last July 28, 2009, Willie said on air: “Yan si Raymond,” simultaneously focusing the camera on his face and “Yan si Aiko”, referring to one of the ASF Dancers and simultaneously fo­cus­ing the camera on her face, “Yan ang ex-girlfriend ni Raymond!” “Di bale, kumita ka naman”, referring to Aiko. And then he laughed.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if Willie is really a good guy.

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