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Survivor Palau Castaways Revealed

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GMA-7 has finally revealed the names of the 16 castaways who will try to follow the footsteps of JC Tiuseco in the second season of Survivor Philippines in Palau which will start airing on August 17, 2009.

Paolo Bediones will still host the show. There will be a Survivor Philippines: Palau Launch Party at Embassy on August 17, 2009 where you can meet the 16 Castaways.

To get free invites you have to answer one of these two questions:

1.) What do you think are the qualities needed to become a Pinoy Sole Survivor? or
2.) What makes you a Survivor?

Visit their official blogsite for details on how to get free invites to the launch party at Embassy. Click here.

The 16 official castaways of GMA-7’s Survivor Philippines (Season 2) in Palau are:

Cris Bolado
The Gentle Giant
Former PBA Player/Basketball Clinic Instructor

“Survivor ako dahil gusto kong maibalik ang mga nawala sa akin before, especially money. It’s sad but I know there will be hope na darating for me to build again all my dreams.”

Cris Bolado retired from professional basketball in 2003 because of injury.

Since then, he has kept himself busy coaching in basketball clinics all over the country.

Towering at 6 feet and 6 inches, Cris is the biggest among the second batch of Castaways.

Basketball has instilled in Cris the value of discipline and the dedication to always give 110 percent to the game.

“Kahit sa Survivor Philippines, 110 percent ang dapat na ibigay mo sa laro. Iba siya sa basketball dahil iba-iba ang gagawing challenges at hindi mo talaga malalaman kung ano ang mangyayari pero dapat ibigay mo pa rin lahat,” Cris said.

Cris aspires to bring back everything he has lost after his professional basketball career.

“Gusto kong magsimula ulit at ito ang nakita kong paraan kaya ako sumali sa Survivor Philippines Palau,” he concluded.

Will he crush his co-Castaways or will his gentle heart prevail?

Mika Batchelor
Sexy Chef

“I consider myself a Survivor because I am not afraid to meet life head-on and I never back away from a challenge as what does not kill me makes me stronger.”

Mika Batchelor is a 25-year old chef and restaurateur from Coron, Palawan. The beauty of her hometown made her fell in love with the ocean and the outdoors.

Among her adventurous hobbies include surfing, sailing and rock–climbing.

But she faces challenges everyday as she takes charge of her restaurant by herself.

“Being a restaurant owner, I really learned leadership by dealing and socializing with people,” Mika said.

To prepare herself for Survivor Philippines Palau, Mika ate lots of high–protein food, fruits and vegetables.

“We have a hill in Coron with a cross at the top; it’s about seven hundred steps. I run there back and forth every day for my endurance,” Mika added.

Will this sexy and energetic chef make it on top of Survivor Philippines?

Shaun Rodriguez
the Hot Dad
Fitness Buff/Governmnet Employee

“Naranasan ko nang ma-bankrupt dati dahil sa negosyo as in wala natirang pera sa akin tapos ang dami kong utang. Pero hindi ako nawalan ng pag-asa.. namasukan ako sa isang shipping line. 2 months pa lang ako nagte-training, kinuha na kong waiter sa barko ng isang international cruise, hanggang sa unti-unti, nabayaran ko ang utang ko. Ginawa ko lahat ng best ko at hindi ako sumuko. Survivor Ako!”

Shaun Rodriguez knows how it feels to be on top one day and down in the gutters the next after suffering bankruptcy and losing everything he has invested in a mining business years ago.

But what’s important to him is that he was able to bounce back and now takes pleasure in the simple joys of being a public servant.

Shaun works as a Public Relations staff at the City Council’s Office in Manila where he is engaged in dental and medical missions and feeding programs among other public service affairs.

“I have really become sympathetic to the plight of the less fortunate,” Shaun said. “Masarap tumulong sa mahihirap lalo na pag na-a-appreciate nila ang kahit kaunting tulong na naibigay mo sa kanila.”

To prepare himself for Survivor Philippines: Palau, Shaun focused on improving his endurance by running for hours from the Quirino Grandstand to Roxas Boulevard.

“Tingin ko iyon ang importante sa laro, yung matibay ang katawan mo. Kahit gutom ka, kailangan 100% pa rin ang ibibigay mo sa challenges. Bawal ang lampa sa Survivor Philippines.” Shaun added.

Find out if Shaun’s preparation is enough to cope with what is in store for the Castaways of Survivor Philippines: Palau.

Maya Segovia
Lady Pilot and a Mom

“I’m a survivor in the truest sense. I survived all life’s challenges. I can accomplish anything inspite of all the personal problems I’m going through. I’m a mom, a military officer, a military pilot and a business woman. I can do multi-tasking and get the work done well.”

Captain Maya Segovia, a military officer and a pilot of the Philippine Air Force has always thought of herself as a man trapped in a woman’s body.

“Kahit na emotional pa rin ako bilang babae, kaya kong makipagsabayan sa mga lalaki,” the mother of two said.

Maya has been a pilot for seven years and she believes that it is her destiny to be a part of the profession ruled by men.

“Flying is really one of the things that make me happy,” she added.

Always competitive and physically active, Maya has been a mountaineer for 16 years and has also participated in triathlons.

She is also a taekwondo black-belter.

Despite all her credentials, Maya prepared herself for Survivor Philippines: Palau by studying people politics through reading books on psychology.

“Doon ako mahina, e.” Maya admits. “Hindi ako marunong makisama sa mga tao. Dahil sa military ako, sanay ako na magbigay at kumuha ng mga utos. Gawin ang dapat gawin, no emotions dapat, no questions asked.”

We’ll find out if this super mom would soar as a Castaway in Survivor Philippines: Palau.

Amanda Colley Van Cooll
Probinsiyanang Tisay
Female Construction Worker in Alaska USA

“Survivor ako dahil bilang isang construction worker sa mundo ng mga lalaki, kinakaya at ginagawa ko ang trabaho, enjoy ko pa!”

Amanda Coolley Van Cooll works as a general labor construction worker in Alaska.

Name a work in construction and she’s done it all – from driving trucks to mixing cement.

“I love building things and working with my hands,” Amanda said when asked why she chose a career considered for men.

Amanda said that she got bored working in a bank, doing the same things everyday.

“In construction, there’s really no specific job description. The work is very physical and there’s always something different and new in every project,” Amanda said.

Amanda grew up a probinsyana and is accustomed to island life. She is confident that her experiences prepared her enough for the game.

For the challenges of Survivor Philippines Palau, Amanda did a lot of research and a lot of eating, too.

“I really had to gain some weight, because alam ko na papayat ako,” she added.

Does Amanda have what it takes to become the first Pinay Sole Survivor?

Charles de Vera Fernandez
21 YRS. OLD, Businessman

“Survivor ako sa lahat ng trials sa aking buhay. Nakapagtapos ako ng studying ko through sipag at tiyaga sa iba’t ibang raket and sa direct selling business.”

“Madaldal, malakas ang loob at makapal ang mukha.”

That’s how Charles of Dagupan city would best describe himself and he was able to make good use of those traits to achieve the things he wants in life.

At the age of 18, Charles decided to become independent and live on his own without asking support from his parents.

He has probably sold everything direct-selling business could offer – from shoes and clothes to cosmetics.

And because of his perseverance, persuasiveness and talkativeness Charles was able to finish studying at the University of Luzon in Dagupan City.

“Gusto kong ipakita sa mga kabataan na hindi sila dapat umasa sa mga magulang nila,” Charles asserted. “Tayo rin ang dapat kumilos para sa sarili natin.”

Charles said that he is a chameleon, always being able to adapt to any environment.

Find out how far this smooth-talking chameleon would go as a Castaway on Survivor Philippines

Jef Gaitan
the Girl Next Door
Student and Part-time Model

“I’m a real Survivor because I survived on my own in real life. I took the risk to be independent at a very young age. I survived growing up in the city alone. I became a parent to myself and a teenager at the same time.”

Jef Gaitan may be sweet, friendly and approachable but her charming demeanor and her stunning looks should not be construed as signs of weakness.

“Palaban ako at matapang kapag kinakailangan,” the petite model said.

At 18, she decided to become truly independent and she stopped studying to focus on her modeling career.

When faced with tough challenges, Jef has always resorted to prayers.

“I really depend and find comfort in God,” Jef said. “Whenever problems come my way, I accept them and look for solutions instead of dwelling on them.”

Find out if indeed her looks can be deceiving as Jeff fight for the title to become the first Pinay Sole Survivor.

Troy Perez
The Mentalist

“Since my childhood, it’s been my obsession to be different from my playmates, classmates and friends through magic and real life adventures. In joining this game, it will further bolster my longing for more adventure. It will open a wider horizon for the fulfillment of my dreams.”

It is second nature for Troy Perez to entertain people, the very reason why he got into performing as a magician or, as he prefers to be called, a mentalist.

After taking up BS Biology in Manila, he landed a job in a bank and his mentalist tricks came in handy as he usually got invited to corporate shows.

“I hate to be caught off-guard,” Troy said when asked how he would describe himself. To avoid such situations, he had a unique way of preparing his state of mind for Survivor Philippines: Palau.

“Bago pa man ‘yung show, I practiced remote viewing or visualization,” Troy said. “I already imagined the situations I could possibly face and my reaction to those situations,” He added.

Let’s see if his tricks would work to his advantage in the islands of Palau.

Suzuki Sadatsugu
Japinoy Hunk
Criminology Student/Model

“Survivor ako kasi kahit malayo ako sa parents ko, kaya kong labanan ang lahat ng challenges sa buhay ko… kahit hindi lahat ng tao, naiintindihan ako, sinisigurado ko bago matapos ang araw ay nakilala ko sila at nakilala rin nila ako at naiintindihan ang pagkatao ko.”

Suzuki Sadatsugu lived in Japan for 18 years but still managed to stay true to his Filipino roots.

He usually visits his relatives in Manila, the reason he’s very familiar with the country and knows how to speak Filipino quite well.

Fondly called “Piko” or “Zuki”, he is taking up BS Criminology at Emilio Aguinaldo College in Manila.

Towering at 6 feet and banking on his exotic looks, Suzuki started modeling when he was 19 years old and gained quite an exposure by joining competitions.

Suzuki would try to stay true to himself as he faces the challenges of being a Castaway.

“Masayang-masaya ako na nakasali ako sa Survivor, pero kinakabahan ako sa pautakan. Hindi ko kasi kaya na mag-lie o kaya ’yung awayin ang ibang Castaways. Friendly talaga ako at lagi lang akong nagpapatawa. Sana matawa sila sa jokes ko para hindi nila ako sipain sa island.” Suzuki said.

Would his charm be enough to make him the next Pinoy Sole Survivor?

Echo Caceres
Spicy Bicolana
Call Center Agent

“I’m a real survivor because I am an all-in-one package person who knows my strength and knows when to use it. I am not only physically strong and witty but I know how to deal with different people even in difficult situations and I am able to easily adapt to any environment whether city or island life, making it with full determination.”

As the eldest of seven siblings, Echo Caceres of Sto. Domingo, Albay had to become a breadwinner at a young age.

One of the major challenges her family faced was when their house was destroyed by typhoon Milenyo, while she was on training in Singapore.

Despite the challenges, Echo keeps a positive attitude by living her life to the fullest.

She tags herself as a “feisty call center agent”.

But what’s with her nickname?

“People have always called me “Echo” not only because of my distinct voice na ume-echo talaga, but because I have become a catalyst of change when I was a student,” Echo said. “I really deliver my opinions passionately.”

How will Echo spice up the show, we’ll find out on Survivor Philippines: Palau!

Vlad Nesas
the Metrosexual
Brainy Model

“I consider myself a real survivor because I have been through a lot of challenges in my life. Growing up, I always felt insecure. Pakiramdam ko ang pangi-pangit ko. This is the reason why I improved my body, my looks, pati na ang dating ko sa mga tao.Tingnan mo naman ngayon, hindi lang ako nag-improve, model pa ako ngayon.”

Vlad Nesas calls himself an “alpha male”, a dominant guy who always gets what he wants. He is confident that this is going to be his ace in winning the title of Pinoy Sole Survivor.

Vlad is a graduate of Industrial Design, Major in Fine Arts at the University of Sto. Tomas where he was also a varsity swimmer.

He considers Joining Survivor Philippines: Palau as his major test of character.

“Kapag nakayanan ko itong Survivor, made na made na talaga ako” Vlad said smugly. “To prepare, talagang pinaganda ko ang katawan ko… sinanay ko ang sarili ko sa hirap. Grabe, six times a week na nga ang pagwo-work out ko. Kaya ba ng iba yun?”

He also knows that the cash prize and the title would drastically change his life, that’s why he is giving his all in the game.

“Hindi ako nagpapatalo. Hindi ako madaling mauto o mapaikot. Hindi rin ako takot manggago. Kung nabilib sila kay Marlon noon… well, hindi pa nila nakikilala si Vlad!” he said.

We’ll find out if Vlad would get what he wants and dominate in Survivor Philippines: Palau.

Carol Gementiza
Terror Teacher

“My experience in life is being a mother of six children and a teacher whose first assignment as a public school teacher in the farthest barangay was a tough challenge considering that I will leave my family for a whole week everytime. Presently, my assignment is being in charge of the out-of-school adults including illiterates in the whole municipality. Halos lahat ng puwedeng lapitan para matulungan ang mga estudyante, ginagawa ko. Lahat ng trials sa family at work ko hinhaharap ko… I never say quit because I believe na hindi Niya ibibigay sa akin ang mga bagay na alam Niyang hindi ko kayang gawin. Tatag at determinasyon ang aking mga secret weapon.”

Carol Gementiza, a public school teacher for 20 years, is the oldest among the Castaways of Survivor Philippines: Palau.

She said that it was her children that encouraged and motivated her to audition for Survivor Philippines Palau

“Sabi nila sa akin, ang mga ginagawa ko ngayon ay para talagang bagay na bagay sa Survivor Philippines,” Carol said.

Her experience as a teacher taught her patience and perseverance, which would seem enough to make her fit to become a Castaway.

But Carol has also prepared herself to the fact that anything can happen in the game and would do everything she can to win the title of being the first Pinay Sole Survivor.

Marvin Kiefer
the Ultimate Crush

“I’m a Survivor because at any time of any day with just my backpack in hand, I am ready to go anywhere in the world.”

It seems that this Swiss–Filipino teenager hailing from Cagayan de Oro just has too much time on his hands.

Born in Switzerland and raised in CDO since he was three years old, Marvin Kiefer always had a passion for learning, adventure and experiencing different things.

Marvin has learned every sport that he could – from football, table tennis, cycling and track and made hobbies out of skateboarding, wall-climbing, break dancing and parkour.

He’s a backpacker, too – trekking to remote and unlikely places, interacting and immersing himself in indigenous customs.

Marvin is also an environmentalist and a vegetarian; traits that he acquired while helping his mom maintain an organic farm in CDO.

At the age of 16, he’s started modeling and made several TV appearances eventually winning QTV’s Hired where he inked a deal to become the image endorser for a line of designer jeans.

To prepare himself for Survivor Philippines Palau, Marvin said he had to improve his people skills by reading psychology books.

Will Marvin be cool enough to be the next Pinoy Sole Survivor?

Tara Jane Macias
Taray Queen
English Tutor for Koreans

“I am not afraid to die, to suffer and to get lost, and with that mindset, over-all fear has no place in me as I fear no evil and that makes me a real survivor.”

At the age of 16, when their father passed away and their family business had to be closed down, Tara imposed upon herself to be self–supporting and to help her family get back on its feet. She has been working as an English language tutor to Koreans as well as a call center representative.

“Maaga ako namulat sa hirap, kaya lahat sisiw na sa akin.” Tara said passionately.

Tara describes herself as an extreme person, God-fearing yet liberated and a certified party-goer. Being very outspoken and confident, Tara admits that people get easily intimidated by her. But she’s also very personable despite the usual first impression. She sticks to her principles and always does her best in any situation.

“Marami ang hindi nakakaintindi sa akin. Marami ang nagagalit,” Tara admits. “Paiba-iba kasi ako. Istrikto kung minsan, mataray. Pero kapag nakikita nila ako na gumigiling sa dance floor, sasabihin naman nila, pakawala ako, plastik. Hay, bahala sila sa mga life nila.”

Will this taray queen win in a social game like Survivor Philippines: Palau?

Louie Ang

“Survivor ako kasi 5 girlfriends ko at hindi ako nahuhuli.”

Louie Ang, an I.T. professional, is a typical guy-next-door, living his happy–go–lucky life with a constant goofy grin on his face.

“Walang drama ang buhay ko, e,” Louie quips when asked if he has ever faced a real tough challenge in his life.

His main reason for joining Survivor Philippines Palau could not be any simpler, “Matagal ko nang gustong sumali, para makita ko ang sarili ko sa TV,” Louie said.

When asked to describe himself, Louie declares that he is a “chickboy” and “bad boy”.

As a “chickboy” Louie admits that at one point, he had five simultaneous girlfriends – and he was able to keep it a secret for quite a long time, until somebody messed up his Facebook account.

As a “bad boy,” Louie figured in quite a number of fistfights during his college days – one of such incidents even got caught on video and was posted online.

And why did he do it?

“Masarap ang feeling,” he recalls.

For Survivor Phlippines Palau, Louie would like to test his people skills by being an unlikely and covert leader.

Is he going to be a bad boy or a chick boy to get ahead as a Castaway in Palau?

Justine Ferrer
the Beauty Queen

“Well, I can say that I’m a real Survivor because I have been the breadwinner of my family for 10 years now. Also, I am providing for my nephew’s education and am helping my friends and relatives as much as I can. For me, winning their respect and love made me a real survivor.”

Justine Ferrer worked in Japan as a singer at the age of 19 and since then has become a breadwinner of the family.

As a businesswoman, Justine helped her father in a buy-and-sell business and managed a baby ultrasound company.

To physically prepare for Survivor Philippines Palau, Justine enhanced her skills by enrolling in a swim school, but most of all she invested on a lot of rest and vitamins.

She has also prepared emotionally for the experiences ahead of her on the island.

“Alam ko na ang buhay sa isla ay unusual, puwede kang masaktan, masugatan at magutom kaya inihanda ko na ang sarili ko,”Justine said.

Justine believes that her “uniqueness” is the key for her to become a Castaway.

“I think I was chosen because they are curious about what’s really inside of me and my behavior,” Justine said.

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