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Willie Revillame vs. MTRCB and KBP

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If you noticed the absence of Willie Revillame on his noontime show 'Wowowee' recently. He has been on the center of controversies after he asked on air to take out the video inset of former President Cory Aquino's cortege.

MTRCB and KBP is reported to meet soon to discuss the possible actions against Willie Revillame regarding this incident.

Click here to watch the Wowowee episode on YouTube.

Here's a news article from Yahoo! News/GMANews.tv:

ABS-CBN noontime host Willie Revillame’s “objectionable" way of removing the live video of former President Corazon Aquino’s cortege from his popular midday program “Wowowee" last Monday violated the broadcast code of ethics, an official of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) said.

NO TO WILLIEThe online petition calling for TV host Willie Revillame's ouster from his "Wowowee" show in ABS-CBN has already attracted thousands of angry respondents.

As of 5 p.m. Saturday, Roel Saguisag's petition has gathered 16,642 signatures, with at least 40 new respondents every ten minutes. PetitionOnline noted that "Petition to Oust Willie Revillame" is the second most active petition on the site.

This is also the second time since Kevin Nadal's online petition for an apology from the "Desperate Housewives" producers in 2007 that a Filipino-made petition has generated such buzz on the site.

"Was it really hard for him to be humble and human?" Saguisag wrote in his petition, "Pres. Aquino taught us humility and Revillame is showing us the exact opposite."

See petition here

- Joseph Holandes Ubalde

In an interview with GMA News’ Sherrie Ann Torres on Friday, MTRCB chair Consoliza Laguardia said Revillame also violated Sec. 3 of Presidential Decree 1986.

"Yung personal kong tingin objectionable ‘yung ginawa ni Willie kasi pwede niyang ginawa ung offcam. He violated the broadcast code of ethics of KBP (Kapisanan ng Brodkaster ng Pilipinas) and then sa part ng MTRCB, Sec. 3 of PD 1986 ‘yung being objectionable and contrary to good customs and tradition," Laguardia said.

(In my personal view, Willie’s action was objectionable because he could have said those things off camera. He violated the broadcast code of ethics of the KBP and for the part of MTCRB, he violated Sec. 3 of PD 1986, by being objectionable and contrary to good customs and tradition.)

On camera last Monday, during Wowowee's regular airing, Revillame testily told his network's management to remove the video of Mrs. Aquino’s cortege aired simultaneously in an inset frame on TV screens.

“Hindi siguro magandang tingnan na pinapakita niyo yan (Mrs. Aquino’s footage). Nagsasaya kami tapos pinapakita niyo yung, I don't think dapat ipakita yan."

“Eh mahihirapan akong magsalita rito. Nagpapasaya ako nakikita ko ‘yung ano (cortege) ni Tita Cory. Sana pakitanggal naman muna ‘yan sa ating traffic. Kasi kung ganyan pakita nalang natin ‘yan kasi nagsasaya kami dito tapos masakit sa akin yan. Nagsasalita ako dito yan Pls, sana maintindhan niyo, nagsasaya kami dito papakita niyo sa amin yun. Diba? Hindi tama eh okay?"

“Hay nako. Pangit. Hindi maganda ho sa atin nagsasalita pinapakita yung kabaong ni Tita Cory. Diba? Paano kami magkakapagsaya nahihirapan kami? I'm sorry ho ah pero ako totoo ako eh. ‘Wag niyo akong papagalitan...Pagkatapos ng show pakita niyo ‘yung gusto niyong ipalabas. Kasi itong Wowowee gusto ko at alam din ni Tita Cory ‘yan kasi napasaya din siya ng show na ito na laging masaya dito. Okay?"

The live video of the transfer of Cory's body to the Manila Cathedral was removed from his show moments later.

A day after his controversial remarks, Revillame apologized through Wowowee and clarified that he had no ill intentions when he sought the removal of the insets.

“Sa sitwasyon na ito, kung may nasaktan ako, I’m sorry. Sa pamilya Aquino, alam ng buong pamilya Aquino, wala akong masamang intensyon doon (I’m sorry if what I did hurt anyone. The entire Aquino family knows I have no bad intentions)," Revillame said.

He explained that as the host of a variety show (where guests play games and win money), it would have been hard for him to make his audience happy if Mrs. Aquino’s casket was simultaneously shown.

Teach him a lesson

Two media organizations, the National Press Club and the Alyansa ng Filipinong Mamahayag (Afima), also expressed dismay over Revillame’s remark.

"Siguro dapat mabigyan siya ng leksyon ngayon. Iba na to eh. Ibang case na to eh (He should be taught a lesson this time. This is a different case)," said AFIMA president Jerry Yap.

"Kung hindi niya titigilan yung ganong attitude niya I don’t think dapat pa siyang panoorin ng tao (If he will not change his attitude I don’t think people should continue watching him)," said NPC president Benny Antiporda.

The report said the MTRCB and the KBP will meet to discuss the possible actions against Revillame.

Source: GMANews.TV

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