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Abel Jimeno: Hot In Trunks

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name: Abel Daniel C. Jimeno
bday: February 23, 1986 (Saudi Arabia)
height: 5'9"
weight: 65kg
school: Mapua Institute of Technology

One of the hottest hunks of Mr. & Ms. Sexy Body 2008 was Abel Jimeno who also appeared in Red Hot Vol.1 No.3 last year. I haven't heard much about this hot hunk lately, but if you check his friendster account you would find that he still has a great body to boast.

Abel Jimeno did not win the Mr. & Ms. Sexy Body 2008. He was adjudged 1st Runner Up with Christian Navesis as 2nd Runner Up) and Andrei Allen as the Grand Winner. He also received Mr. Confidence Award while James Ereza got Mr. Clear Skin and Best in Swimwear went to Andrei Allen. He was also a candidate in Mr. & Ms. Cardinals 2007.

Here are some photos from Mr. Edmund Chua:

Now check out what you've miss in Red Hot!

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