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Judy Ann Santos: How 'Bout My Place Tonight? on TV5

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TV5 has a special cooking treat for everyone this October in How 'Bout My Place Tonight? as award-winning actress Judy Ann Santos whips up your late night with her very own quick and easy recipe this Thursday, October 1, at 11:30pm.

The show is a cooking clinic with Chef Fernando Aracama and Chef John Cu-Unjieng, the best chefs in the metro teaching you the masterful but practical art of cooking. But some say wives are the best cooks, and maybe Ryan Agoncillo can attest to that as Juday shares her special recipe on Asian noodles.

But not to be unlicensed as a budding professional chef, Juday has just recently received her Certificate of Competency in cooking from TESDA in July, after graduating from the Center for Asian Culinary Studies and taking a course in International Cuisine in Thailand.

Juday has assumed many roles in her showbiz career—child star, daughter, sister, lover, superhero—and in real life just last April, wife, to Ryan. Although she sure does know the roles of a wife include such things as housekeeping and a whole lot more, Juday prizes her passion and knack for cooking—one of the probable reasons for winning over husband Ryan's heart, through his stomach.

Enjoy this delicious moment as we learn and get essential cooking tips straight from Judy Ann Santos in How 'Bout My Place Tonight? on Thursday, 11:30pm, on TV5.

Text:  Mira Angeles
Photo: http://www.thinkphilippines.com/life/top-10-philippine-celebrities-endorses-for-2007.html 

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