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Boylets Movie Trailer

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'Boylets' is about teenage Krys (played by Charles Delgado from the movie 'Booking') who is from a middle class family and his bunch of out-of-school friends who pass the time stealing copper electric wires and steel, betting cash in online computer games and doing sexual services to gay patrons. Krys' best friend Joef (played by Josh Javier) is the leader of the pack and he is turning eighteen and is leaving the next day. Krys tries to control Joef's last day and birthday celebration as he attempts to stop him from his plans. But will Krys be able to stop the guy he likes from leaving? This is a new film by pioneering digital filmmaker Crisaldo Pablo. Regular run starts on October 14, 2009 in Robinsons Galleria, Isetann Recto, Remar-Cubao, Colon Cinema Cebu City and soon in Davao.

However, it has been mentioned in Direk Cris Pablo's facebook wall that some scenes have been deleted in the digital movie. Here's what he wrote:

miyawsi the cat protests deletion of his scene in the digimovie BOYLETS, saying someone was blaming him for the 39 inch tv that fell off when he was helping straighten out the bed cover. 'i was set up! who would have put the huge and heavy tv se...t on the soft cushioned bed? i did a beautiful "meow-ing" in that scene but they just deleted it..."

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