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Hayden Khi Indicted on Sex Video Case

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Hayden Kho was indicted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) last October 22 for violation of the Violence Against Women and Children Act (Republic Act 9262). This involves the controversial sex videos that came out last May showing Hayden Kho having sex with varius women including Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes.

Katrina Halili filed the complaint against Kho stating that she had no knowledge of or consent for filming their sexual intercourse.

Hayden Kho's ex-girlfriend Dr. Vicki Belo, Eric Johnston Chua, Mark Herbert Rosario and Princess Marie Velasco were cleared by the DOJ of possible involvement in the case. They were accused of spreading the sex videos in an attempt to embarrass Hayden.

An investigation by the National Bureau of Investigation is still on going. They are trying to determine who is responsible for spreading the sex videos of Hayden. A pornography case will then be filed against the perpetrator.

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