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Richard Gutierrez: Airport Scandal

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The recent scandal in NAIA involving Richard Gutierrez and Jewel Mische has been the headlines of most blog and topic of countless blind items.

According to reports, Richard and Jewel were suppose to take a Cebu Pacific flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with an Estinated Time of Departure of 8:55pm. They were being paged since 8:20pm but they were able to reach the boarding gate around 9pm. They were taken out of the passenger list and their seats were given to chance passengers. This made Richard angry and he reportedly made a scene in the airport by shouting at the personnels and demanding for the manager who was not able to pacify him. He was quoted shouting bad words to Cebu Pacific employees. Jewel Mische was calm during the whole incident. She later talked to the manager but to no avail. They missed their flight and were not boarded on the plane to Kuala Lumpur.

Their trip to Malaysia was a personal vacation and not work related so GMA Artist Center was not able to comment on this incident.

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