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Hayden Kho: Pinoy McDreamy

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height: 6'2"

I first saw Hayden Kho Jr. during the christmas party of Marimar in TImog. At 6'2" he was impossible to miss. He was asked to perform a few songs which made the crowd go wild (of course he was throwing a couple of one thousand peso bills just for fun). He was like a rock star that night!

He is more handsome in person, his photos and videos don't do him justice. Probably due to his personality and intelligent demeanor. He is a certified medical doctor no more after being stripped of his license because of the case against him by Katrina Halili. He joined Bodyshots 2000 where JR Valentin won. He was in 'Marimar'(2008) as Doc Hayden. He's also a part of 'Kim Samsoon'(2008) as Doc Henry.

Hayden Kho Jr. with Jennilyn Mercado in Celebrity Duets:

Hayden Kho Jr. with Agot Isidro

Hayden Kho Jr. with Katrina Halili

Hayden Kho Jr. with John Joven (Bed of Roses)

Photos from the Web:

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