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Randolf Stamatelaky: Octoberfest Hunk

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Randolf Stamatelaky was one of the hosts of the funny shows of tv5 (Shake mo TV mo!), 'Lokomoko'(2008). Along with hunky Kim Gantioqui and funny girl Alex Gonzaga. Now, he is still a part of the reformatted show 'Lokomoko High'. Randolf will tickle your funny bones every Friday night at 8:30pm. The role is very suited to him since he is a funny person as seen in the YouTube video posted below.

If you still don't recognize Randolf, he is one of the guys in the McDo Pa-burger ka naman tvc series, and he is also one of the three cute guys in 'Bilog Ang Mundo' tvc of Ginebra San Miguel.

And here's a more showbiz-approach to describe him: Randolf is allegedly the third party behind the Mark Herras-EB Babe Lian Paz breakup. Is this true?

He was also a part of the Circle of 10 Image Model Search.

But the most exciting thing that has happened to Randolf was being a cast of I ♥ Betty La Fea along with Ronaldo Valdez, Sam Concepcion, Jojo Alejar, Ronnie Liang, Sheryn Regis, Joem Bascom, Megan Young, Wendy Valdez, Kristel Moreno, Arlene Tolibas at Meryll Soriano. He played the role of Randy, one of the members of the Eco Moda team.

His sheer acting talent and charisma in front of the camera was able to land him lead roles in TVC’s for Voice combo sandwich and the überpopular McDonald’s cheeseburger series of commercials. That cheeseburger commercial nailed it for him! He became an easily recognizable face. And, just in time for the Octoberfest, he has been a part of the Dingdong-Marian San Mig Light tv ad. Who could resist a guy like Randolf offerring you a bucket of SanMig Light! "Mahabahabang usapan yan!"

Mcdo pa cheeseburger ka naman:

Mark lapid's saging lang ang may puso:

Photos from the Web:

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