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Felix Rocco Does Nude Scene In "Sagrada Familia"

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Actor FELIX ROCO does a nude scene in Joel Lamangan's highly charged drama "SAGRADA FAMILIA", but Felix does it in style, in the same tradition of Christopher De Leon, Philip Salvador and his father, Bembol Rocco. Felix does not want to be tagged as a sexy actor and his role in "Sagrada" is of importance, as Lovi Poe's high school boyfriend who gets the ire of Lovi's father, played by Emilio Garcia. Little does Felix know that his girlfriend Lovi is in an incestuous relationship wih her father. Felix admits that he wasn't ready to do the scene and that it would be the last time that he will disrobe for the cameras.

"Sagrada Familia" also stars Snooky Serna, Robert Arevalo, Rico Barrera and Ms. Gloria Diaz. It is written by Racquel Villavicencio and directed by Joel C. Lamangan.

"Sagrada Familia" will have a grand premiere night this Sunday, January 17 at SM Megamall Cinema 6 at 7 PM. It is Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board. For the trailer, pleasecheck out youtube and search for "Sagrada Familia (Official Trailer)"

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