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TV Guide: 5Max Movies onTV5

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Six-time Oscar award-winning and top-grossing film favorite Forrest Gump is on the run this week on TV5’s 5MAX Movies, together with Hollywood comedy and thriller movies Envy, The Cable Guy, The Breed, and The Chronicles of Riddick starring Vin Diesel.

Ben Stiller and Jack Black will make you laugh on Wednesday (July 22) in the comedy film Envy, when Tim (played by Stiller) becomes increasingly jealous of his friend Nick's (Black) newfound success as he invents the 'Vapoorizer.' Thursday (July 23) offers Ben Stiller's award-winning film, The Cable Guy, starring Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick on a dark comedy role.

Play dead on Friday (July 24) for the killer dogs can smell your fear in the Cannes film festival-released horror movie The Breed, about a group of college kids forced to match wits with unwelcoming residents when they fly to an island for a party weekend.

Vin Diesel stars on Saturday (July 25) in the sci-fi thriller film, The Chronicles of Riddick, a film that follows the adventures of Richard Riddick as he attempts to escape after the events depicted in the 2000 film Pitch Black.
“Life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.” Tom Hanks stars in the multi-awarded and critically acclaimed movie, Forrest Gump, on Sunday (July 26). The comedy-drama film garnered six Oscar awards including Best Picture, Best Visual Effects, Best Director and Best Actor.

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