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Selina Sevilla Sues Plastic Surgeon

By 8:00 AM

Singer Selina Sevilla recently announced that she will sue her doctor who made her butt 11 years ago. An infection has developed from the enhancement procedure.

She only got the courage to file charges when a friend told her that her doctor was on tv.

She is set to undergo 2 to 3 months of hospital treatment with the help from the Philippine Association of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgeons (PAPRAS).

Selina Sevilla is known for double meaning songs like Ang Tigas-tigas Mo, Aray, Naku, Ibaon Mo Sa Limot, Nilunok Ko'ng Lahat (Ang Mga Sinabi Mo), and Pa Kiss (Sabay Hug) just to name a few.


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