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Suzuki Sadatsugu: Fourth Jury of Survivor Philippines Palau

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On the fourth tribal council of the merged tribe Sonsorol, Shaun Rodriguez got the highest vote but since he found the hidden immunity, he was saved and the votes were deemed null and void. There was a tie between Suzuki and Justine with two votes each. The tie breaker votes sent Suzuki away and he became the fourth Jury who will decide who gets the 3-million cash prize and become the ultimate Pinoy Sole Survivor.

Suzuki Sadatsugu lived in Japan for 18 years but still managed to stay true to his Filipino roots.

He usually visits his relatives in Manila, the reason he’s very familiar with the country and knows how to speak Filipino quite well.

Fondly called “Piko” or “Zuki”, he is taking up BS Criminology at Emilio Aguinaldo College in Manila.

Towering at 6 feet and banking on his exotic looks, Suzuki started modeling when he was 19 years old and gained quite an exposure by joining competitions.

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